Dying to Fly

It seems odd to start a blog in the dark of the moon. But this blog needs to begin here in the moments just before the birth of the Aquarian New Moon that will smile at the Earth on February 13, 2010. This blog is an invitation to join a revolution; a Death Revolution actually. A part of me knows that this phrase will strike terror in some hearts because at one time it would have struck terror in my own. That fearful part of me is stepping aside so the courageous heart can come forward to discuss something that seems imperative to our spiritual evolution; to our growth as human beings.

The discussion topic: re-making our relationship with and perceptions of death and dying. It has taken the western world a very long time to develop its current beliefs, values, morals, ethics, opinions, feelings, and thoughts around death. This cannot be undone with a few words or a wave of a magic wand. Religion and politics have set a stage for death that leaves little room for discussion. Steeped in the dual descriptions of heaven or hell the afterlife is fearsome and daunting for most. Regular people talking about death is seen as morbid, frightening or weird. People like Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Dr. Raymond Moody have been working for decades to bring death into a different light. Hospice and palliative care programs offer valuable education and support for the dying and those who grieve. Sadly, most people steer clear of these teachings until the absolute final hour, seeing hospice care as ‘giving up’ and viewing death as failure. My husband calls this “death prejudice.” Yes, I believe that death, with all its power and inevitability, is indeed “the last taboo.”

I am a part of a growing circle of friends and colleagues who believe it is time to bring death into the room in an open, sacred way. Dying to Fly is a work in progress. Eventually, it will be a printable Guidebook for those who find themselves caring for someone with terminal illness. It is also for anyone who dares to (in mind) tread upon the thin ice of our biological impermanence. Death, the greatest mystery, has invited us to transform beyond our fears; and to mature into new states of consciousness that allow for infinite love to reign both here in and on the Earth, and in realms that lie beyond. Perhaps, with diligent inquiry, open sharing, and compassionate hearts we can learn to see the beginnings in what we perceive to be the ‘ultimate’ ending. In closing this first, all important beginning, I offer a haiku for reflection and invitation into the Death Revolution dialog.

Dying to Fly now
All of us feel it inside
Some of us outside

Crying to Fly now
Tears flowing into the heart
Wash away stuck pain

Trying to Fly now
Butterflies inside cocoons
Waking to the light

Sighing to Fly now
Living the bliss in New Earth
Remembering Self

Dying to Fly now
Entering the pod with this
Together mindful

2 thoughts on “Dying to Fly

  1. Dearest Aleia,

    I can’t say that I have ever posted to a blog so you must really have some magick to get me to do so! I felt compelled to say that this haiku is so beautiful! I love the idea of dying to fly. I truly feel that death and darkness, shadow work and walking with pain, are mysteries that we often don’t want to face. But we have to do the work.

    I also wanted to say last night at the Bone Lodge when this came up and you were talking about practitioners of “end of life care” not wanting to talk about death, that I recall my students in Interpersonal Communication being fairly open to it. So, maybe talking to the younger generation is a good place to start because they do not feel as close to taking their earth robes off (even though some of them may be).

    (On a side note, somewhat unrelated, I also agree that death is the last taboo but must add in talking about what is taboo that weightism seems to be the last tolerated prejudice.)

    Luck and Love,

  2. My Dear Hummingbird Aleia,

    A completely beautiful haiku! Thank you for your wisdom and for your intelligence and your beauty. I am so glad and grateful that you answered your call to help welcome us and guide us and teach us and love us, and especially those who are nearing their completion of this visit as a human being.

    Love and Light, dear Aleia!

    Jack Pelton

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